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Sounds Like FUN! Multimedia Entertainment

Tony BarthelAfter 22 years of serving Hollywood and the surrounding community, Sounds Like FUN! has brought a professional DJ and multimedia entertainment company to Lake County, California. Bringing the enthusiasm and entertainment experience of the world's entertainment capital to Lake County, Sounds Like FUN! DJ professionals do so much more than just sit there and play music. 

Our unique brand of entertainment includes your guests, making them love your celebration from start to finish. Rather than a bunch of cheesy ideas, Sounds Like FUN! DJs work with you to plan your celebration in writing, then enthusiastically guide the celebration so that you don't have to worry about a thing - just have fun and enjoy the best party you've ever been to!

Of course music is very important and Sounds Like FUN! DJs offer you the power to choose from our huge digital music libraries in advance. Whether you want to choose all the music for your celebration, just a few songs, or let our experience work for you, we play what is appropriate for your celebration rather than our personal favorites. The fact is, we enjoy making you and your guests happy. 

With our advanced on-line planning tool, you can get involved in the planning of your celebration 24 hours a day, right from the comfort of your own home or office. 

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Sounds Like FUN! DJs use advanced digital music playback systems that take up minimal space at your celebration. We don't hang signs or banners, we bring back-up gear and are licensed and insured for your protection. 

Over 1,000 brides have chosen Sounds Like FUN! in Hollywood and the surrounding communities so you can relax and enjoy your celebration knowing that the most experienced DJ company in Lake County is managing your very special once-in-a-lifetime celebration, all while treating you like a celebrity. 

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